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Seamless gutters have become an increasingly popular choice among homeowners in recent years. In earlier times, the only option available was the standard sectional gutter. This type of gutter was sold in separate pieces, and the pieces were created so that you could connect them together to form one long gutter along the edge of your roof. The sections were attached with a sealant so that no water could escape at the seams. One major benefit of these sectional gutters was that the sections could be mass-produced. Depending on the number of pieces used and their arrangement, they could be attached together to fit any size and style of home.

Most Long Island roofing contractors will tell you that seamless gutters are generally preferred by homeowners today. Seamless gutters are custom-made for each home; each gutter is constructed from just one piece of aluminum. Despite their name, seamless gutters aren't totally seamless: At corners, the gutters do require seams on both sides of the corner in order to create a curve. Outside of these corners, the rest of the gutter is constructed of a seamless length of aluminum.

There are several reasons that seamless gutters are recommended over their sectional counterparts. Their relative lack of seams results in a low incidence of leaks. With sectional gutters, it's inevitable that seams will eventually succumb to wear and tear over the years. The worn-out seams allow water to leak out and eventually damage your home.

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Sectional gutters also require more painstaking cleaning techniques. Ridges often form at the seams in a sectional gutter, which results in backed-up water and an accumulation of debris. The ridges also increase the risk of clogs and blockages. Not only are seamless gutters easier to clean, but they are less likely to succumb to blockages.

Despite the many advantages of seamless gutters, a few drawbacks sometimes cause homeowners to opt for a sectional gutter system instead. Sectional gutters are fairly simple to install. A homeowner with some home-improvement expertise may be able to do it himself. Seamless gutters involve a more difficult installation and require professional installation in all cases. Like anything custom-made, seamless gutters are also a costly purchase. However, the benefits of a seamless gutter system often justify the expenses associated with it.

Unlike sectional gutters, seamless gutters are not available in a variety of materials. These gutters are only constructed of aluminum. If you're attracted to the unique beauty of copper gutters or the corrosion resistance associated with vinyl gutters, you will need to opt for a sectional gutter system.

As you can see, seamless gutters can be a worthwhile investment for homeowners who are shopping for a new gutter system. Your roofing contractor can help you understand your options and decide whether seamless gutters are the right choice for your home.

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