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Your home's exterior is the first thing people see when they pull up to your house. It says a lot about your character, the style of your home and how you live. Clutter it up with dirty siding, an unkempt yard and missing shingles, and you send a message of indifference. By keeping up with the siding, roofing and surrounding landscape, you're showing the world you have some pride. Enlist the help of your trusted Hicksville Roofing expert for insight into the best siding for you, as many roofers offer siding services as well.

Choosing the right siding is one way to achieve that balance between durability and aesthetics. There are many factors that go into this decision. First and foremost, price is probably at the top of the list. This is nearly impossible to predict, as the cost is highly dependent on the size of your roof, your climate, what type of siding you get, and what embellishments and extras you spring for. In general, you're probably looking at about $1.60 per square foot for a middle of the road brand.

Another factor to consider is water resistance. A siding type with a high resistance to water will have a longer life span. Fiber cement siding is a good water resistant option. Bonus: it also resists rot and termites.

Ease of installation, especially if you're attempting this job as a DIY project, is important because it cuts down on time and labor costs. Vinyl is one of the easiest types to install.

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It doesn't require fancy tools, no harmful dust and debris are created when cut, and it's a process that's pretty easy to follow once you start.

Look for the energy efficiency rating for any siding you consider. Is it made from recyclable material and can it easily be recycled at the end of its life time too? What is its R-value? Wood and fiber cement both take top honors for the most energy efficient home exterior products. Different types of siding require different types and amounts of insulation, so don't neglect that portion of your research.

Appearance is of course a big issue in your siding quest. You have to live with the color you choose for several decades, so don't gloss over this too lightly. The color of your siding and any accents such as shutters and trim should all complement each other nicely. You'll also have to consider whether you want traditional siding or something a bit more textured, such as vinyl siding that resembles wood shakes or even scalloped edging.

Durability and versatility go hand in hand, so ensure any siding you pick can stand up to the demands of time and the elements. Can it withstand extremely high temps in the summer? What about extreme cold in the winter? Can it stand up to high winds or other weather specific to your climate? Taking all these factors into consideration will help you better make a well-informed decision.

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