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If you own your own home, you may be concerned with the condition of your roof as it provides a layer of protection between you and the elements. However, what you may not know, is that your roof can also provide a relief against expensive energy bills depending upon the materials that your roof is made out of.

A cool roof system installed by your local East Meadow roofing contractors is one way to improve your home's energy efficiency and lower your overall energy costs. A cool roof is an overlapping term for any roofing material that reduces your home's absorption of heat and lets less heat into the living space. There are many products that are considered to be energy efficient alternatives to traditional roof materials. The following are just a few of the cool roofing materials that are available on the market today.

All components of a roof have energy-efficient alternatives. One of the easiest, least-expensive alternatives is to install a metal roof. Traditionally, metal roofs were used to protect warehouses as they provide great protection and require little maintenance. However, more homeowners are choosing to outfit their homes with this type of roofing material because it reflects up to 25 percent of heat generated by the sun.

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If you choose a lighter color of metal that is Energy Star certified, the material can actually make your roof up to 60 percent efficient.

If you are looking for a more green solution, you can also cover your roof with vegetation. In addition to providing natural insulation, the vegetation also soaks up any water that falls on the roof. These types of roofing can really make a difference if you live in a heat island, or an urban area that soaks up more heat than rural areas, in addition to providing a cool green space that can be enjoyed by the whole family.

Another alternative that might be right for you are solar shingles. These shingles are designed to work with regular asphalt shingles. However, they differ in that they take the sun's rays and generate electricity, which can be used to provide power to the home. Other than providing power, these shingles act just like normal asphalt shingles in that they provide protection against the elements.

The advantages to having a cool roof system are many. However, the disadvantage is that these roofing systems will decrease the amount of heat that the roof generates in colder climates. This means that winter heating bills may increase if you install a cool roof system. It is recommended that you weight the pros and cons of each type of cool roof material or system before you commit to installing a new roof.

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