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The purpose of the gutter system is to control the flow of rainwater and melting snow from your roof to the ground. By taking the water away from the roof, no damage is caused to the structure of the home, the landscaping remains intact and ground erosion is prevented. For these reasons it is critical that gutters are kept in proper working order and free of debris and leaves that can otherwise stop the proper flow of water from the roof. Long Island Roofing can help you maintain, repair or replace your gutters.

The best way to spot damage to the gutters is during spring, when precipitation is abundant. During a rain shower, circle the house and watch how the water drains from the roof. Is it pouring over the edges of the roof or being routed to the downspouts? Watch where the water is flowing correctly and where debris or leaves may impede it. Tree limbs, ice, snow, leaves or animals can block the gutters. Accumulated debris, which stops the proper flow of water, may cause water to leak into your attic or between the layers of siding of your house.

Check frequently to see if the gutters are pulling away from the roof, especially after the harsh winter months. If you notice any irregularities, they need to be addressed immediately. The fix can be as simple as hammering a loose nail back in place, or replacing an old nail with a new, longer one which will get a better grip, or moving the nail to stronger area of the roof.

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If you are not comfortable doing this work yourself, contact your experienced, trusted roofer.

If you notice any water pouring out of the bottom of the gutter through a leak, it is necessary to repair it as quickly as possible. A tube of roofing cement, available at hardware stores, can be used with a piece of material of the same composition as the existing gutters. Make sure the area is clean before you start repair work. Then place the replacement piece of material on top of the hole and attach with the roofing cement.

If the existing gutter system cannot be repaired due to extensive damage, or because it is past its life span, you will have to replace it. There are a number of shapes, materials and sizes to choose from. Metal is the best option as it is durable and requires little maintenance. It is available in vinyl, copper, steel, aluminum or zinc.

While gutter installation can be done by a handy homeowner, it is best to leave the job to the professionals, especially if your home is taller than one story. Also, while straight sections of vinyl and aluminum are readily available, more aesthetically pleasing seamless gutters are custom-made on site.

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