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If you've discovered brown staining that stretches across your ceiling or runs down the interior walls of your home, then you may be dealing with a pesky roof leak. Finding a Long Island roofing contractor can help you troubleshoot and fix the leak before it gets to large, but if you are a do-it-yourself guru, then the following roofing guide will help you identify the roof leak to help save on roof repair costs.

Troubleshooting a roof leak tends to be the most difficult part of the roof repair process, especially since water can seep through the shingles, under your sheathing, down the slope of your roof and into your home. If not properly identified, the roof leak can lead to black mold, water damage or health issues. Flashing ceiling leaks may result in expensive repair bills, so troubleshooting any ceiling stains right away will help keep your roof repair costs low.

To discover where the leak is coming from, look for signs of the leak during the day. Starting in the attic, shine a flashlight at the point where the staining has occurred and follow it to the roof, searching for signs of wetness on your roof's framing members. If you're experiencing dry weather, you can look for stains, water marks or discolorations along the wood. Once you've found some wetness or staining, shut off your flashlight and look for a place where the sun shines through.

If you're unable to see light or staining, you and a friend can perform a water test.

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While standing in your attic, have your friend climb onto the roof with a water hose and pour water slowly onto the roof, starting at the eaves and working upwards until you see the leak in the attic. Once you've found the leak, mark the attic's spot with a nail and the roof's surface with chalk to help you identify the hole for later repair.

In the event you need an emergency covering for a more serious roof leak, you can utilize a plastic sheet and four wood beams to cover the leak until a repairman can assist you. You can measure the amount needed by unrolling enough heavy-duty polyethylene sheeting to cover the leaking section, making sure to cover it from the eaves to the ridge.

After adding an extra four feet of sheeting, cut the plastic with a utility knife and wrap one end around a wood beam, stapling the plastic to the wood. Nail another wood beam to the plastic-wrapped beam and place this along your roof's eaves. Stretching out the sheeting, run the plastic over the ridge and on the opposite side of your roof by a couple of feet. Wrap and staple this end of the plastic around your third beam, nailing it to the fourth for added security. This will make sure the wind won't carry the plastic covering away before a professional roofer can fix your leak.

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