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When it comes to remodeling your personal spaces, nothing improves your outlook like letting some light in, but not every room in your home can accommodate a fancy new window treatment. Fortunately, Long Island Roofing specialists have plenty of alternate ways to illuminate your interiors without knocking out walls. Here are some basics on how to choose what's best for your home:

Skylights and sun tunnels are fixtures that allow light to stream in from up above. Unlike windows, they offer largely unobstructed illumination, making them great for cities and densely packed suburbs.

When you purchase a sun tunnel or a skylight, it usually comes as a prefabricated package. Naturally, you can choose custom sizes and energy-efficient materials, but it's important to assemble everything at the factory. This method ensures that your new portal has optimum weather-blocking capabilities, and it also makes installation a bit quicker.

While they do have some depth, most skylights aren't intended to be installed through tall attics or crawlspaces, and a number of models are similar to windows with the exception of where they're installed in your home. These skylights bear squared profiles and flattened glass panes that make them perfect frames for gazing out and relaxing on clear days.

Of course, the plain nature of roof windows and skylights means they do have some limitations. For instance, fixtures that are installed on north-facing slopes won't be able to capture as much light because of their low profiles.

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On the other hand, small, traditional skylights that are installed in less-than-perfect positions still serve to radically change the appearance of areas like cramped hallways and bathrooms without making you sacrifice your privacy.

Sun tunnels fall in the category of tubular daylight devices. As the name implies, these fixtures are actually sealed metal tubes with panes at both ends. They can thus be installed in homes that have voluminous attics, but they have other advantages as well.

Sun tunnels often include bulbous or rounded exterior glass surfaces. As a result, they can catch light from a wider range of angles and brighten the inside of your home from more positions and during a greater number of seasons. In addition, the inside of the tunnel shape bounces light around and allows for more even natural lighting that still retains the warmth that artificial bulbs just can't match.

The downside to sun tunnel designs is that they distort the view, making it impossible to see the sky clearly. Nonetheless, they're extremely popular options in homes and businesses, especially in areas that don't have a lot of free space. When choosing between skylights and sun tunnels, be sure to consider which way your roof faces, how big your attic is and how much room you've got to play around with.

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