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Contacting a Long Island roofing professional only when there is a serious problem with the roof is fairly common among homeowners. However, setting up a roof maintenance plan that requires a professional to inspect your roof on a regular basis is a great investment of your time and resources. A formalized program that entails the inspection, identification and repair of roof problems can significantly improves the lifespan of the roof.

Roof maintenance is as important as taking care of other aspects of your home. Taking the necessary steps to preserve the roof are often neglected until there is visible disintegration, a water leak penetrates the interior of the home, large amounts of debris accumulate on the roof or there is another major issue that needs immediate attention. Sometimes, the damage is so extensive, the cost of repairing the roof is very expensive.

Avoiding premature deterioration of the roof should be a priority. When a professional inspects the roof twice a year, there is an opportunity to spot and fix problems in the early stages. You will obtain a written history of scheduled inspections, repairs, the projected life expectancy of the roofing materials, and an estimate of future maintenance costs. When you know what to expect and understand the type of problems that need to be addressed, you are in a better position to set your budget accordingly.

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A professional can perform a comprehensive inspection of your roof, but there are also simple and easy ways for you to regularly check the roof. Look for any signs of wear and tear on the shingles since they are inexpensive to replace, check the exterior and interior of the house for leaks and deterioration, clean the gutters so that water and debris can flow off the roof without the pathway being obstructed, keep foot traffic on the roof to a minimum and inspect the roof after there has been heavy rain, strong winds, snowstorm, fire or similar occurrences.

Getting rid of excessive debris such as leaves, rocks and branches that are on the roof will prevent the growth of moss and algae. The debris can damage the shingles and clog the gutters. Apply a caulk or sealant around the chimney or joints on the roof when there are cracks.

Trim the branches of trees that hang over the roof. It will make it harder for squirrels and raccoons to run along the roof and cause damage. When there is a snowstorm, a large amount of snow on the roof can potentially cause it to collapse. Carefully sweep or push the snow off of the roof with a snow rake.

Remaining proactive about roof maintenance protects your overall investment in the home. When you have a roof maintenance plan, you will be aware of any problems and find out the most effective way to address them. You will experience the long-term financial benefits of prolonging the life expectancy of the roof and minimizing the total cost of repairs.

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