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Metal roofing is experiencing a surge in popularity among homeowners. Once relegated to the corrugated panels seen on barns and sheds, metal roofs can now be found on houses of all styles. A newfound versatility accounts for the sudden appeal of this roofing material. Metal roofs can now be constructed to look like wood shakes, slate tiles, shingles or stone. Your Long Island roofing contractor can review your metal roofing options with you, and help you find a metal roof to suit the architectural style of your home.

One of the best selling points of a metal roof is its long life span. A metallic coating, typically made of zinc or galvalume, helps the material resist rust and last longer. A quality metal roof can easily last 50 years or more. In fact, many manufacturers offer lifetime warranties with no pro-rating as the years go by. When you compare this type of longevity with the typical 20-year life span of an asphalt roof, it's easy to justify the higher initial cost of a metal roof. Homeowners with metal roofing won't have to deal with expensive roof-replacement jobs every 20 years.

The fire-resistant nature of metal roofing makes it appealing to homeowners who live in areas prone to brush fires and wildfires.

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A metal roof is so effective at combating the spread of fire that many insurers will give you a discount for having this type of roof. Metal roofing is also somewhat environmentally friendly, since it's made of mostly recycled materials. When it's reached the end of its useful life, it can be recycled yet again instead of taking up space in a landfill.

Because metal roofing products have undergone a bit of a makeover in recent years, a few misconceptions about these materials still linger. Some homeowners are reluctant to install a metal roof because they feel it will increase the chance that their home will be struck like lightning. Of course, there is no scientific basis for this notion. While metal is indeed a good conductor of electricity, a metal roof has no ability to attract lightning or any other form of electricity. Another misconception about metal roofs is that they are particularly susceptible to hail damage. In reality, metal roofs can withstand most hailstorms with no significant problems. An unusually large hailstone will dent the metal, but a hailstone of this size would damage virtually any type of roof.

Metal roofs are very lightweight, so you don't have to assess your home's structural integrity to see if it can support its weight. Whether you have a Spanish-style home on the West Coast or a quaint Victorian in the Northeast, metal roofing can be constructed to fit your home's style. Ask your roofing contractor to give you an estimate on a metal roofing installation for your own home.

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