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From the first phone call to the initial consultation to the final clean up of your home, you will experience the Long Island Roofing difference. We pride ourselves on building lasting relationships with our valued customers, which is why we go the extra mile for them. No matter the size or complexity of the project, we provide the same high standards of work and personalized attention.

It is important to choose an experienced residential roofing contractor who can give your roof the quality work it needs to keep your home and personal belongings safe from the harsh exterior elements. What are the important factors to consider when you are selecting a roofer for your job? There are several things to think about.

The reputation of the roofing company is an important consideration. Ask for a list of references from past customers and inquire about their satisfaction with the work performed. The contractor should be proud of their work and happy to share a list of valid references.

Ensure that your contractor has the necessary business licenses and bonds for the area. Check with the local licensing board to determine the type of license required. Contractors who are licensed are hardworking, competent and fiscally responsible.

It is also important that the roofer you hire has the proper liability insurance and workers' compensation coverage, which is in force for the duration of the project. While insurance may not be a requirement in the area, it is critical that the roofer carry it.

A roofing professional from Long Island NY can answer any question you have about shingle roofs or GAF roofing materials.

If they should damage your property or that of your neighbor, liability insurance will protect you from potential lawsuits. Workers' compensation coverage is critical for the employees of the roofing company. The workers must be insured under this coverage should they suffer an injury while working on your dwelling, otherwise you may be open to a lawsuit. Do not hesitate in asking your roofing professional to show you proof of insurance and workers compensation coverage.

Always ask the roofing company for a written, detailed estimate of all the work that needs to be performed on the roof. This should include the full scope of the work, including the materials that will be used, the duration of the project, what safety measures will be taken to protect the workers, the cost of the job and the site clean up schedule for the removal of debris and materials. You should also ask if there will need to be a dumpster on the property.

Ask if the roof work being done is covered by a warranty. If it is, ask what conditions need to be fulfilled for the warranty to be valid. Is there any work or modifications that will void it? Some manufacturers require that roofs be vented in a certain way or have a certain amount of ventilation.

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