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Your roof is not meant to last forever. Leaks are inevitable unless your Long Island roofing is maintained, and problems are prevented before they get out of hand. Water getting through the roofing materials can cause big problems for homeowners. However, this subsurface moisture can be difficult to detect until it becomes an expensive disaster. When you notice signs of water damage, your roof should be looked at by a professional to be sure there is no other issue that needs to be addressed.

Leaks can cause several major issues for your building or home. They can damage the insulation and reduce your home's energy efficiency. Water that soaks into the insulation can cause it to breakdown and lose its ability to help keep heat from escaping. Moisture from a leaky roof can also damage the wooden structure of a home or building. If water makes its way to the interior ceiling, it can cause massive property damage to personal items including pricey electronics and irreplaceable photographs.

In addition to structural and property damage, roof leaks can cause several health and safety problems. Water can cause electrical problems that may lead to fires, electrocution hazards, and shorts. Leaks that go neglected for long periods of time often cause the surrounding structure to grow mold. Humans and animals can develop respiratory issues by breathing in mold spores.

A leaky roof may be an indication that you are in need of a new roof.

A roofer from Long Island Roofing can answer any question you have about shingle roofs or architectural roofing.

On the other hand, leaks can also occur before a total roof replacement is necessary. In order to meet strict code requirements, any wet areas of the roof will need to be removed. Most building owners who find a roof leak replace the entire roof. However, with the technology that has been developed over the years, a complete replacement may not be necessary.

Experienced roofers can use a moisture survey to determine if there is moisture under the roof, where it is located, and how bad the problem is. This allows the building or home owner to only replace those parts that have moisture damage. Also, if the survey shows that less than a quarter of the roof has moisture, you may be able to simply recover the roof, rather than removing and replacing the entire thing.

Leaks can be caused by missing or damaged shingles. On flat roofs, leaks might be caused by damaged areas on the roof. After a competent contractor conducts a moisture survey, they are able to assess what areas of the roof are weak and need work. At this point, it is possible for the building or home owner to determine if it will be more economical to replace the entire roof or only fix the areas that are damaged.

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