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As a homeowner or a property owner, you may be looking for a roofing material that requires little maintenance and gives your home some serious curb appeal. If traditional asphalt shingles just won't cut it, you may be interested in using clay tiles, especially if you are trying to create a home that has southwestern, Italian or Spanish influences.

You should know upfront that clay tile roofing is one of the more expensive roofing materials on the market. If you do decide that clay tile roofing will provide the right look for your home, it is recommended that you speak to your local Long Island Roofing contractor to help you chose the right tiles that you'll be pleased with for the length of the life of your roof.

Clay roofing tiles are made from different types of clay that is mined from the earth. The clay is broken down into a fine powder and run through several screens to remove any large granules that could affect the integrity of the tile. Once the clay is processed into the desired texture, it is formed into a slab, dried and colored. This process makes the material incredibly strong and resistant to damage.

Even though this particular roofing material is expensive, there are a number of positives that may make up for the cost. For example, with an average lifespan of 50 years, these tiles are incredibly long lasting.

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Some roofs that have clay tiles have been known to last closer to 100 years. Additionally, these clay tiles are fireproof and resistant to any form of deterioration. While a tile may need to be replaced every once in a while, the entire roof should be good to go for years.

As with any roofing material, there are certainly a few drawbacks in addition to the cost. One of the main concerns that you need to think about with these tiles is that they are heavy. This means that your roof may need additional structural support to be able to hold the weight of the roof without risk of collapse.

While the clay tiles may have a long life, the underlayment that holds the tiles together does not. The underlayment needs to be regularly inspected and replaced in order to keep the integrity of your home's infrastructure. Because the tiles are fragile and heavy, it is recommended that you seek professional contractors to do this work.

Even with its drawbacks, homeowners chose this roofing material to keep their homes safe for a reason. If you are interested in outfitting your home with clay tile roofing, contact your local contractor to see if this is the right roofing material for your home.

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