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When the time comes to replace your roof, you may struggle with finding a Long Island roofing contractor who'll provide you with a cost-effective contract for replacing your roof. Even small roof repairs require a skilled contractor who can provide the necessary technical expertise to address any potential roofing issues that may arise during the process and coordinate all the steps involved with completing your roofing project. Before signing any contract, you should make sure you're choosing the right contractor.

When reviewing potential contractors, you need to first decide if you need to replace your roof or simply repair it. Many asphalt roofs hold a 20-year life expectancy, and newer shingles tend to last upwards of 40 years, depending on sun exposure, elemental effects and shingle installation. If your roof is showing signs of aging, such as granule loss, broken shingles, leaks and lifting shingles, then you'll probably need to replace the entire roof.

Installing a new roof yourself can be extremely arduous, especially when it comes to removing the existing roof underneath. Worn-out shingles need to be replaced after two patches, and certified contractors understand the local roofing requirements and standards as well as know what steps to take to get the job done properly, making the right decisions from the start to keep your roof in exceptional condition much longer.

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When reviewing potential contractors, you should make sure the contractor has been practicing roof replacement for at least 10 years. This will ensure the contractor will be available if any issues develop with your roof. You should also confirm that your contractor has obtained the proper licenses, approval through your roofing system manufacturer, and workers compensation and liability insurance. The roofing company should hold at least $2 million worth of workers compensation and liability insurance. The insurance company can provide written verification by sending you an "Accord Form," which doesn't cost the roofing contractor anything.

Finding a contractor who has an established business is essential to reaching the professional when questions and concerns arise during the project's process. The contractor should have an office with a staff and be open during normal business hours. Before setting up an appointment for an estimate, you should request several recommendations to ensure the contractor is known for providing premium workmanship.

When giving you an estimate, potential contractors should go up onto your roof to perform the inspection as well as enter the attic to determine proper ventilation flow. The contractor should provide you with a written estimate, going over the material cost, written guarantee, work scope and payment schedule. The professional should have you sign some form of contract before beginning your roofing project, and anything not included is not part of the agreement. Always be sure to read through anything you are asked to sign.

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