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Ceramic tiles have a history almost as long as civilization itself. Originating almost 10,000 years ago in parts of China and Mesopotamia, these tiles are today part of buildings all over the world. The tiles became popular in the New World around the time of the Spanish conquests, and can be seen in colonial architecture throughout Latin America. In the US, these tiles are most common in buildings throughout the South and Southwest. Despite their long history, ceramic tile shingles are increasingly an inferior option to other materials available on the market. If you're planning on replacing your tile roof, consider non-ceramic alternatives before you start the remodel.

One of the reasons to consider alternatives is the cost. Ceramic shingles are by no means cheap. Wind gusts and storm damage can quickly ruin your investment, with one major Hicksville roofing issue being how frequently broken terra cotta and pantile shingles must be replaced. It's inadvisable to try to replace ceramic tile shingles by yourself. Replacing the tiles is a specialty affair, which many modern roofers are less experienced with. This not only increases the cost, but also the likelihood something will go wrong. Even basic terra cotta shingles are much more expensive than composite shingles.

Maintenance is another factor that makes these tiles a bad investment for some homes. Cleaning ceramic tile shingles is a pain for many homeowners, and you have to consider if you have the financial resources for proper repair.

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For example, genuine ceramic tile shingles cannot be stepped on without the risk of breakage. This requires a lot of thought to the logistics of cleaning debris and moss off the tiles. For this same reason, using a pressure washer to clean the shingles, even on low settings, could prove disastrous. Even for small things like stringing Christmas lights, ceramic tile shingles prove somewhat problematic.

Functionally, the shingles don't offer many advantages over other types of roofing. For example, though ceramic shingles are often used in warmer climates, instead of reflecting thermal energy, they tend to absorb the energy and radiate it into the building. This only serves to increase cooling costs. There are some ways to help offset this. Specialty coatings can help to increase the heat reflection of the shingles, and going with white shingles will provide some modest energy savings.

All of that said, there are a few advantages to ceramic tile shingles. While ceramic tile shingles are more prone to damage, they're less prone to natural wear. In fact, ceramic tile shingles tend to keep their color much longer than composite shingles. These shingles tend to have the longest lifespan of available roofing materials, though it should be noted recent developments have led to extremely long lifespans for certain types of slate and metal roofs.

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