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A roof collapse is no joke. It can seriously endanger you, and it causes a situation that is far beyond an "inconvenience". In a worst-case scenario, your whole house could come tumbling down shortly after your roof does. Rooftops that are neglected in areas with a lot of severe weather are especially susceptible to collapsing. This is a problem that cannot be ignored or painted over. If you're worried about your Hicksville roofing, you should know that there are ways to tell if something is wrong. Here are some of the top warnings signs that should tell you that your roof is in danger of collapsing.

Have you noticed any cracks appearing in your exterior walls? This might be because the roof is no longer supporting itself on top of your house and is instead sagging onto the actual walls of your home. Take a walk outside around your house and inspect the walls for damage. Long, thin cracks could mean that your roof is in danger.

Damaged, bent or bowing roof supports can also be a sign of collapse. As they take on water damage or additional weight from debris sitting on your roof, they may begin to curve or wear away at specific pressure points.

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You might even start to see your ceiling sag in the upper floors of your house due to the pressure this causes.

Are your doors shutting properly? If they pop open without warning or cannot be opened without significant effort, then you may be in for some trouble with your rooftop. As the roof's internal structures erode, they will place pressure on the walls. In addition to causing the exterior cracks listed above, this will also warp door frames to the point that doors may no longer fit them.

If you have sprinklers in your home, then you know that they are meant to fit flush against the ceiling itself. A sprinkler that sags below your ceiling tiles is another sign that your roof is about to collapse.

Significant amounts of leaking can also mean that a collapse is imminent. As the structure of the roof suffers and deteriorates, water will make its way into your home. If you notice dripping or leaking that has started very suddenly, then you may want to contact a professional who can safely inspect your rooftop.

Nothing is worth more than the safety, comfort and security of your family. If you notice any of these warning signs happening in your home, then you will need to take drastic action straight away. If you hesitate, you may be left out in the cold with no home to call your own.

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