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Nowhere is more unsafe when it comes to your home than on the roof, especially if you're untrained, don't have access to the proper safety equipment or the roof is slippery. It's best to hire a Hicksville Roofing company to handle any job that involves getting onto the roof. However, if you must get up there for some reason, whether to put up holiday decorations, fix some loose shingles or even retrieve your kid's Frisbee, keep these safety tips in mind.

First off, never go up on the roof alone. Enlist the help of a friend or two, ideally one to spot and one to help on the roof. Use a sturdy ladder that's tall enough to reach the height you need. Use stabilizers if you've got them. In any case, position the ladder on a level surface and test it out before climbing up. If the ladder is positioned on grass or dirt, dig small holes so the legs of the ladder stay put. For added safety, construct a makeshift slide guard to catch you in case you slip off the roof.

Don a safety harness so you'll be caught if an unfortunate accident does occur. Don't wear sneakers. Instead, put on sturdy work boots or some other shoes with a hefty tread. If you've got access to a hardhat and safety goggles, put these on as well.

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It's better to go overboard in terms of safety precautions than to be caught in a perilous situation that could turn deadly.

Don't work in inclement weather. Any conditions that can make your roof slippery, such as rain and snow, can equal a disastrous spill. Once you start climbing the ladder or reach the roof, pay attention to any feelings of uneasiness. Whether your fear of heights is kicking in, you feel like your ladder is just too unstable or you hear thunder off in the distance, listen to your gut feelings and put the project off. Even a windy day can pose problems to anyone working on a roof.

If you're doing work, such as fixing shingles, clean up after yourself as you go along. You don't want to leave nails and loose pieces of shingles lying around. Not only do they pose a safety hazard to you on the roof, but they can also fall to the ground where children and pets can get at them.

Avoid distractions while up on the roof. Don't answer the phone and don't worry about what's happening on the ground. Stay on task and watch every move you make. Concentrate on your work area so you don't step wrong and trip. Don't wear anything too baggy that could get caught on nails and other protrusions. Know your limitations at all times. Keeping roof safety at the forefront of your mind can mean the difference between a safe trip to the roof and an unfortunate accident.

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