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Common in warmer locales and on southwest-style homes, tile roofing is a popular option for many reasons, one of which is longevity. Choose from concrete, clay or sand-cast tiles. Your Hicksville roofing contractor can point out the pros and cons of this type of material, which may work for you depending on where you live and what your budget is.


Tile roofing particularly tiles made of clay -- lasts a lot longer than other types of roofs such as asphalt. You can probably stretch about 50 years out of this kind of roof. In contrast, asphalt roofs last 20 years on average. It's rot and insect resistant, and won't burn or fade when faced with the sun's hot rays all summer long. When it comes to style, all three types of tile make a gorgeous accent to homes that have a Spanish or southwestern look, further drawing out their ethnic beauty.

Concrete tile can also mimic other types of roofing, such as wood shakes, but with the added benefit of fire resistance. Lighter tiles are available if weight becomes an issue with your home.


One of the biggest cons to tile is weight. Because it's so heavy, you can't just install it and call it a day. You have to ensure your roof can bear the load.

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In most cases, it can't, so you need to add reinforcements. It's also wise to hire a structural engineer to learn exactly where you most need that reinforcement in the attic. Add in the cost of the engineer and the extra wood work, and you easily add on about $2,000 on top of what it costs for the tile roof and installation.

Another check in the minus column is the fragility of the tile. If you walk on them, they can break. Leave all installation of this type of roofing to the professionals, who know exactly where to step and how to avoid mishaps. It will cost a lot to replace if you accidentally break or smash a tile.

You'll also run into a high maintenance factor with tiles. Although they have a long lifespan, this is only true for the tiles themselves. The underlayment needs to be replaced every 20 years or so. This involves taking off the tile, installing a new underlayment, then placing the tiles back on.

And finally, cost. It's not cheap to install concrete tiles, which can cost about $300 or more per square, which equals 10 feet by 10 feet. Considering all of the above factors is necessary before deciding on tile roofing. It's not right for everyone. However, if you can fit it in your budget and your climate is just right, tile roofing makes a solid choice.

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