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Shingles are one of the most common options for residential Hicksville roofing, and many small business facilities incorporate these architectural styles as well. While shingles are immensely popular, some property owners remain mystified about how their roofers come up with installation prices. This insider breakdown of the material costs may help you decipher the next estimate you receive.

Material expenses play a huge role in determining your final installation price. While you may initially be surprised at the number you receive from a professional roofer, remember that these jobs include way more than just shingles.

For instance, roofs also require ice and water shields. These fixtures are designed to prevent the passage of moisture near spots like the edges of slopes, and they're essential to the longevity of your roof. Failure to install them can lead to serious structural defects, insulation wetting or even widespread warping that ends up pushing tiles off of your roof. Ridge venting is used to protect the upper vent of your roof slopes yet permit the passage of air, and it also plays a role in protecting exposed upper edges.

Another critical hidden component of your shingled roof is the drip edge, a channeled surface that goes around the edges of your roof. These materials extend the side and bottom outskirts by at least 3/4 inch past the edge of the fascia. In doing so, they direct runoff water into gutters while preventing it from bleeding into the underlying building materials.

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Forgetting drip edges can actually allow water to flow behind your gutters, rendering them useless and eroding the ground around your structure. Like moisture shields and venting, these materials are generally priced by the linear foot to account for the total perimeters of your roof surfaces.

Roofing felt paper, another essential component, is placed beneath asphalt tiles. In addition to providing a secondary line of moisture-blocking defense in case of shingle loss, it obscures uneven fascia, ensuring that your tiles take on a smooth appearance. Specialty tar paper may also serve as a fire-protection layer or a barrier that improves energy efficiency by reflecting heat radiation. It's usually priced by the number of 36-inch rolls required to cover your roofing surface evenly without any wrinkles, and it can prevent direct weather exposure during installations that take a long time to complete.

The shingles themselves are generally priced in units called squares; this quantity is equivalent to 100 square feet of roof space. Because different shingles have different sizes and per-foot price rates, their costs can vary widely. Other common estimate factors include the amount of flashing, or joint-protecting weather barriers, that your roof will require, fixative building materials like nails and roofing tar and the amount of work needed to install a complete roof.

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