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Installing a new roof can drastically improve your home's energy efficiency, and the process provides you with a great opportunity to personalize its appearance. Your choice of roofing material can also have other benefits; different shingle substances such as PVC, cedar and traditional asphalt offer unique characteristics that imbue your building with special qualities. Follow this simple guide to learn more about common Hicksville roofing options available for your property.

The majority of shingle roofs incorporate asphalt composites. These shingles are constructed from organic or synthetic substrates that have been impregnated with bitumen and other petroleum derivatives. Like the asphalt used in paving surfaces, the resultant product is capable of withstanding weather erosion for decades, and the fact that the bitumen keeps it somewhat flexible permits for stress-relieving thermal expansion and contraction as the seasons change.

Asphalt tiles are usually thin, and they come in a number of edge designs and colors that make it relatively easy to create a unique look. Nonetheless, they're typically pretty heavy, so they should only be installed by professionals who have experience performing such jobs safely. Although these materials require little maintenance, their thinness means that they're susceptible to high winds and direct mechanical damage, so you may have to replace tiles after heavy storms.

For those who like a more traditional aesthetic, cedar shingles are a great way to add some natural-looking wood grain to your home. Cedar is nice because it can last for up to four decades in the right conditions.

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The wood's fragrant oils are also known for making it insect-resistant, so it's a much better organic-building substrate for exposed surfaces.

Unlike other shingles, cedar tiles are appropriate for steeper roofs, and some sources suggest that they may even last longer when installed on higher pitches. Because cedar is a natural wood, it can be stained to match your stylistic preferences, but protective finish coats must be maintained in order to guarantee the longevity of your roof. Cedar may also require dryer weather conditions during the install, so it's critical to plan ahead.

PVC shingles are popular with families that don't want to spend too much on their roofs yet still require quality installations. These shingles are great at resisting precipitation and stopping debris without any maintenance beyond periodic inspections and cleaning, making them perfect for those who aren't too keen on upkeep.

PVC also allows homeowners to emulate the appearance of slate without the expense. The one major downside of such synthetics is that homeowners whose properties receive a lot of sunlight might notice a minimal amount of discoloration after years of UV exposure.

There are tons of other shingle materials to choose from, including slate and earthy ceramics. The best way to pick a specific product is to consult with a roofer about what's compatible with your roof plans and your upkeep habits.

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