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You've made the leap and decided you want to upgrade your roof. It's part of that journey of owning your own home, a continuation of the American dream. There's still so much to consider, such as the type of roof, the color palette you're aiming for and how much you're willing to spend. One of the biggest keys to solving these issues is having a contractor by your side that knows what they are doing. When you're looking for a contractor to remodel or repair your roof, consider factors such as their history, their reputation, the services they offer and the selection of materials you have to choose from.

Their company history in the area is a great place to start. Are they new in town, or are they a service that has been an established part of the community for decades? While you shouldn't exclude a contractor solely on the basis that they are new, if they have been in the business for years it speaks to the health of their customer satisfaction and experience with the region. For example, Hicksville roofing customers are going to have different needs than those in other regions.

Reputation is another important consideration. See if any of your neighbors have had work done by the company, or if you can find any good testimonials within the community.

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Your home's roof is the last remodel you want done improperly. Look for tell-tale signs the company may not be on par with other businesses in the community. With so many contractors out there, it's also important to know that the company is licensed. If they don't have a proper business license for roofing, it's hard to trust that they're qualified to remodel or repair your home.

The services they offer will also determine if they're the right company for you. For example, ask about not only the types of installation they perform, but whether they do follow up checks within the weeks and months after the installation. Many companies also offer price cuts on initial inspections, which will help you to save some money.

You'll also want to consider the materials the company is experienced in working with, especially for specialty projects. Specialty roofing contractors sometimes provide roof materials beyond simple composite or ceramic shingles. For example, some companies now specialize in solar shingles, which are shingles that provide electricity to the building on sunny days. Other companies specialize in one type of common roofing material, such as metal or composite roofs.

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