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Hicksville Roofing: Article About How Ponding Water Ruins Your Roof

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Severe weather, including significant rainfall, can really damage your rooftop. If there are sagging parts or crevices in your roof due to either age or design, water can start pooling in these areas and putting pressure on the supports of your roof. This phenomenon is known as ponding. When this issue is not addressed quickly, your Hicksville roofing could be compromised. If you were wondering about what exactly can happen when you have ponding on your roof, then you should look at the effects listed below.

Ponding can also occur after large amounts of snow have fallen. If there is a sudden thaw before most of the snow and ice have been cleared away, then the melted water may begin to pool in parts of your roof. As it cycles through freezing, thawing and re-freezing, the water will scrape along your shingles and significantly weaken them. Over time, this could lead to a roof collapse.

The water that accumulates on your roof is rarely clean. It can contain debris, micro-organisms, dirt, leaves and various pathogens. Given enough time, this water can cause mold and mildew to grow on your rooftop. Once it has taken hold, the mold can start to eat away at the roof supports in your ceilings. This can pose a health hazard to you and your family. You could also start experiencing problems with algae growth.

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Vegetation could also start to grow in such a moist environment, which means that your plumbing and internal walls could be broken or compromised by roots, debris and shrubbery.

Even just the water left by ponding can destroy your roof simply because it places a significant amount of pressure. This could cause your roof deck to warp and change shape under the stress, leading to more places for water to pond over time. Eventually, your roof deck and other structures could be under enough strain to trigger a collapse if there is enough ponding going on in several different parts of your rooftop.

Ponding can also cause significant leaks in your home due to the problems with water pressure on your roof. You might begin to notice heavy leaking where the water is concentrated, which can damage your home, destroy its property value and lead to expensive renovations and repairs.

Fortunately, you can prevent ponding from occurring by being vigilant about taking care of your roof. Check it frequently for sagging areas, missing shingles, and water damage or rot. Make routine repairs a part of your household maintenance. You would do everything in your power to keep standing water out of your house or lawn, so why shouldn't you do the same for your roof?.

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