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When you're facing a roofing construction project at your home, be prepared to ask the difficult questions before you hire a Hicksville roofing expert. Know the questions to ask so that you're never taken by surprise. From legal issues to site management issues, having roofing contractors on your property for days or weeks on end can be challenging. Don't make the mistake of assuming they will be responsible for damaged landscapes and even from objects within the house falling and breaking due to excessive hammering on the roof. Ensure the project goes smoothly by reviewing a few essentials with your contractor beforehand. This will benefit both parties involved.

If you don't fancy the idea of contractors using your bathroom throughout the day, ask about the possibility of a portable toilet rental for the site. Talk with your contractor about protection of your home and its surroundings, from your favorite roses planted along the perimeter of the house to the new grass you just put in. Find out what vehicles will be needed and where they will be parked. Ask where dumpsters will be positioned and who will take responsibility for any damage that occurs to your driveway, yard or home exterior.

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Will they clean up after themselves each day or will there be a pile of debris lying around that could be a hazard to your family?

Sign a plan that addresses all legal issues, encompassing things like bid price schedule, change-order clause, a payment schedule, work scope, site plan and dispute resolution clause. Make sure the roofer can provide proof of insurance which comprises both workers' comp and general liability. Don't be afraid to get specific. Get written estimates in hand before giving the go-ahead for work. Ask about experience and years in business. Do you want someone who can help you with the design phase of your roofing project as well as the actual construction? If so, a design-build roofer or contractor would be right up your alley.

Keep lines of communication open, and make sure you're on the same page on a regular basis to avoid misunderstandings. Get a list of what's included in the price, from materials to supplies to labor. Get warranties in writing, outlining what they're good for and for how long. Make copies and file them away. Discuss daily cleanup, how change order requests will be handled, and who will be available each day to go over any issues or concerns. A project manager who oversees the site should be available whenever you need him. Don't be afraid to ask how he can be reached when he's not on site. Remember, your roofers are working for you. Make sure you are satisfied with how the project is going, from start to finish.

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