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Roofers who provide residential roofing services typically also provide commercial roofing. This is a whole different area of expertise, though, and requires specialized training and techniques. Your chosen Hicksville roofing expert will be able to give you an overview on these services, offered to clients like retailers, office buildings, industrial complexes, apartments, hospitals and schools. Because commercial roofs are larger and more encompassing, they come with their own set of demands that need to be addressed from a structural standpoint.

From repairs to installations, commercial roofing is often a 24/7 job. A retailer, for instance, can't shut down business for extended periods of time due to a leak in the roof. It needs to be fixed when it happens to ensure everyone's safety within the building. Preventive maintenance is another service commercial roofers offer, as it's important to ensure the roof and all its related components, such as membrane roofing and flashing, are in working order at all times. Meeting stringent regulations, certification qualifications and more, commercial roofers have an added responsibility of meeting environmental and financial impact needs.

Installations and re-roofing jobs are customized to meet each client's specifications. Unlike residential roofs, which don't vary too much in terms of shape, size and type, commercial roofs can vary widely from one to the next, covering large areas of property that need to be cared for. A weakness in one spot can affect other areas. Using the latest advancements in technology is key to finding these problems areas before they spiral out of control.

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For example, infrared equipment can detect moisture underneath roofing materials that would otherwise go unseen by the human eye.

A professional who oversees all phases of a roofing project is called a project manager. His or her job is to ensure consistency of work quality as well as communication with the client on how the project is going. When problems arise or the client has a question, the project manager is the one leading the charge. This professional makes sure workers show up on time and perform the repair or install correctly, and solves any problems that may come up. Fostering constant communication with the client leads to collaboration and trust.

As a commercial business owner looking to hire a reputable roofer, choose one that offers 24/7 availability, features a well-stocked truck with all the necessary parts and supplies, and boasts a license and insurance required. Take a look at the company's portfolio and follow up on any customer references. Ensure the roofer has experience with your particular type of roof, in your particular climate. With wind, rain, sun and other elements wreaking havoc, addressing problems before they become bigger issues can enhance and prolong the life of your roof. Servicing a commercial roof is a lot different than residential, so selecting a roofer who has specific expertise in this area will give you peace of mind.

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