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Expensive electronic equipment, valuable inventory and important documents are at stake when a commercial roof is leaking, so it's important to act quickly when a leak occurs. While most commercial roofs under warranty should be repaired by a pre-approved professional Hicksville roofing contractor, there are plenty of actions you can take to limit the leak's damage.

First, remove any important electronic equipment from the leaking area and contain the water in buckets or plastic bins. Cover desks, filing cabinets and inventory with waterproof tarps, if they can handle damp air. Mop up puddles, and wick water from the floor and carpets with a carpet cleaner or wet/dry vacuum. Dry all other surfaces in the area.

Next, pull out your roof's warranty to find information about the manufacturer, roofing specifics and policy information. Be aware that many warranties do not cover consequential damage caused by leaks, but they may cover the repair costs if your policy is still valid and you use a pre-approved roofing contractor.

If the leak is small and contained or your warranty is no longer active, you may feel comfortable handling the repairs in-house. To do this, you'll need to determine the cause and location of the leak. Surprisingly, some leaks are a result of issues in parapet walls, rooftop components, plumbing and windows. Using all safety precautions, check these building features for clogs, cracks, dried or shrunken caulking and other potential sources of water seepage.

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If all of the rooftop components look sound, carefully walk the rooftop and check for worn or separated membrane seams as well as tears, punctures, blisters and cracks in the roofing membrane. Areas surrounding downspouts and drains are vulnerable to membrane damage, so be sure to check those areas thoroughly too.

On the other hand, many conditions may lead you to have a roofing contractor perform the repairs. You will probably need to select a manufacturer-approved roofer to keep a warranty valid, and even if your warranty has expired, some repairs need a professional touch. Roof membranes like PVC that have heat-welded seams or roofing systems like modified bitumen that require torches should be left to the professionals who have the skill and equipment to perform repairs properly.

Of course, the best way to avoid damage from leaks is to prevent the leak in the first place. That's why it's important to schedule routine maintenance checks with your professional roofer. Establishing a good working relationship with your roofing contractor and a familiarity with your roof can help you spot potential problems before they happen. And if they do happen, your quick action and calls for professional assistance can make a world of difference in mitigating damages and expenses.

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