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Every homeowner considering a brand new roof needs to become familiar with different options in the material styles. Clay tiles offer a unique variation from typical Hicksville roofing types, and it has a long lifespan. There are also a few disadvantages to consider, including the hefty price difference from other materials. Keep this roof type in mind if you are looking for low-maintenance and a style that is sure to stand out.

The high initial cost of clay tiles is actually a money-saver in the long-run as they have an estimated lifespan of at least 50 years. Other materials will be replaced and repaired on multiple occasions in the same amount of time, equaling out to a higher total in the end. Climbing up to swap out inexpensive asphalt shingles once a year may not seem like the best option after all.

Maintenance has both advantages and disadvantages, depending on how you look at the situation. You wont have to put your own safety at risk climbing up to clean off dirt and debris after high-winds pass through the area. Roofers are experienced in how to maneuver around a fragile clay roof to clean without doing any damage. This makes one less household chore to do yourself. Expect to have the underlayment replaced after 20 years because it wears down much faster than the tiles themselves.

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This maintenance step is rare but costly for the labor involved in the removal of everything and re-installation. Although labor fees can be considered a disadvantage, having an expert on the job is the best way to ensure the roof is always properly taken care of.

A major drawback to clay is the weight of the material, and the effect it can have on the home. On average, each tile can weigh 10 pounds more than a traditional asphalt material. Hiring a contractor to bulk up the attic adds more labor and material fees to the overall job. The best way to compare prices on different materials is to have a contractor examine the current situation first. They can make an estimate considering the need for reinforced weight support if the original roof is a considerably lighter material. An improper installation by an inexperienced person does not ensure the same advantages of a skilled contractor, so cutting corners is not advisable for this type of job.

Clay tiles feature an attractive, exotic look that does not fade, shrink, expand or deteriorate from exposure to everyday elements. Tiles are created with heat, making them completely fireproof and extremely durable. Lighter colors help control the temperatures indoors as they serve as natural insulation from heat created by the sun. There are some great advantages to choosing this material if it matches the appearance of the home, is affordable in your budget, and is not too heavy to support.

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