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Siding choices abound from vinyl to fiber cement. If you prefer the natural look that comes with wood shingles, you may be leaning toward this material when consider siding options. With so many advantages and disadvantages to wood shingles, take a hard look at each factor with your East Meadow Roofing professional to determine if this is the choice for you.

In terms of advantages to wood shingles, boards or shakes, aesthetics is one of the top reasons homeowners choose this material. Wood shingles have natural variations in each and every piece that set them apart from other types of siding. With each piece of wood featuring a varied grain and texture, your home takes on a unique, natural look. Although you can mimic this look with vinyl, for instance, many homeowners prefer only the true original.

Wood is versatile in that it comes in many different forms such as shingle, shake or plywood. Punctuated by a distinctive look, wood can be arranged in traditional horizontal patterns or a blend of horizontal and vertical. You get a rich depth and dimension when you mix and match like this, further emphasized by the fact that you can paint or stain wood in virtually any color of the rainbow. Just keep your neighbors in mind before you choose a radical color!

Wood is known for its ability to take finishes well.

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Its insulative properties boost your energy efficiency, and it's easy to install and just as easy to replace. If one board comes loose, you can add another one fairly easily. You can buy them pre-stained and primed, or you can opt for an unfinished style. Wood is an optimal choice if you're going for environmental friendliness. This renewable resource does not create pollutants when it's made. Solid wood biodegrades quickly and won't clog up landfills for centuries to come.

The downsides to wood siding are many. Wood, although easy to install and replace, involves a lot of upkeep. You need to paint it every few years to avoid peeling, cracking and fading. Wood is susceptible to rot and damage by insects such as termites. Regular inspections can reveal any problem areas the wood may be experiencing such as water damage, which can lead to mold growth. If left untreated, mold can pose several health risks and needs to be removed. Any rotted areas, particularly around doors and windows, eaves and foundations, will need to be replaced before the problem becomes worse. Because wood is not fire resistant, you'll need to buy wood with a fire retardant treatment or apply the treatment post purchase.

Cost is another factor that could sway you to other types of siding. While it's not extremely expensive to install, the painting and stain process is adding thousands of dollars to your overall cost. Plan to spend about $3 to $4 per wood shingle, but don't forget to add on the cost of paint, stain and yearly upkeep.

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