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One major consideration for homeowners and property managers who want to save money on building operating and maintenance costs is how environmentally friendly they can make their additions. For instance, many property owners investigate energy-efficient East Meadow roofing products in an attempt to save on their heating and cooling bills.

Of course, utility cost reductions are important, but they're not the only financially savvy aspect of your new energy-efficient roofing project. By seeking out roofing products that are eligible for Energy Star credits, you can increase your savings even more.

Energy Star credits take a number of forms, but most homeowners are familiar with their federal tax benefits. The Energy Star rating identifies appliances, consumer products and building materials that result in lower energy usage over time. By installing the right combination of such products, you may be eligible for a tax credit in the form of a deduction or write-off.

So which products will get you the federal tax rebates you're looking for? The list varies, and it includes thousands of different building materials. You can visit the official Energy Star website to find updated product listings or ask your roofer for more information about specific materials and suppliers. Also remember that your local municipality may offer additional state or county tax credits for similar energy-saving products and devices, so one item may be eligible for multiple savings programs.

It's important to investigate different forms of Energy Star credit thoroughly.

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Although some credits may be appealing because they let you access savings faster, others are more useful in the long run because they're spread out over time.

Energy Star credits and rebates aren't infinite; many incentive programs are only available until their funding has been exhausted. In order to maximize the number of benefits you receive, you have to be careful about scheduling your installation unless you want to wait an extra year to receive credits.

If you'd like to be eligible for a specific rebate program, you definitely need to apply early. This means that you'll have to get the details of your installation finalized in time to provide the agency in question with proof of your eligibility. In most cases, your build receipt or plans will be sufficient, but some places may ask you for additional information, such as facsimiles of product labels.

Roofers who are conversant with Energy Star and similar green building programs like LEED may be able to help you get through the process. These professionals can ensure that you have all of the documentation you'll require to apply for a credit. In some cases, they might even be able to point you in the direction of additional savings, such as one-time incentive payouts offered by power companies that appreciate your attempt to go green.

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