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Getting a new roof is a substantial investment. Figuring out how to choose the most suitable roof for your home at an affordable price is important. Sometimes, you need to determine if it is a wiser investment to install a new roof over an old one or completely tear off the old roof. Prior to making a decision, there are several factors you need to consider. An East Meadow roofing contractor can help you evaluate the pros and cons of both options.

A major benefit of keeping the old roof is that you will save more money up-front. You won't have the pay the disposal fees associated with stripping off the old roof. The labor costs will be lower because time and effort won't be used to tear off the roof. Completing the installation of the new roof will also occur more quickly.

Placing new shingles over the old roof may initially save you time and money, but there are other things to take into consideration. You need to find out if the home will be able to sustain the weight of the additional shingles. If the multiple layers of shingles are too heavy, it could compromise the walls and structure of the house.

Replacing a new roof on top of an old one may void the manufacturer's warranty.

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Some manufacturers are concerned that the new shingles will not lay flat or function properly if it is installed on an old roof. The new shingles may not fully seal and conform to each other. As a result, the shingles won't be as resistant to wind or other weather conditions that could potentially damage the roof. When the installation of the new roofing is substandard, you will probably need to spend more money on repairs in the near future.

If an additional layer of shingles are laid on top of the roof deck, it will be difficult to inspect the wood and spot any sections of the roof that are worn out. When the wood begins to deteriorate, water leaks will penetrate through the roof and get inside the house. Getting rid of the old shingles allows a contractor to perform an adequate inspection of the roof deck.

Stripping off the old shingles before applying the new ones usually lengthens the life expectancy of the roof. Fewer layers of shingles decreases the chances of heat and moisture getting trapped on the roof. If it's difficult for air to adequately circulate on the roof, the shingles will prematurely deteriorate and curl upwards.

Becoming educated about the roofing process improves the chance of you getting the best value for your money. You need to carefully assess the quality of the materials, the costs, and other factors that pertain to the roofing. A quality contractor can answer any all of your questions, check unforeseen problems, and provide an estimate.

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