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East Meadow Roofing: Article About Installing and Maintaining Gutters

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Your gutter system is just one of your East Meadow roofing system components that keeps your roof strong and sturdy. By giving water a place to travel away from the roof, your substructure remains free from moisture. However, in order to work correctly, your gutter system must be properly installed. While you can install your own gutter system if you are knowledgeable and relatively handy, a professional contractor can also install them quickly and efficiently.

Before the gutters can be installed, it needs to be determined how much material will be needed. The length of the outer edge of the shingles should be measured and marked on a piece of graph paper. Next, the number of downspouts that should be considered. It is recommended that one downspout should be placed every 20 feet along the length of the gutters. Finally, the length of the downspouts needs to be determined. This is done by taking a measurement from the ground to the roof line at each point where a gutter will be added.

If a new gutter system is replacing an old gutter system, the original material will need to be removed, and the fascia will need to be inspected. If the fascia board has been damaged, it will need to be repaired before the new gutters can be installed.

Once the fascia board is fixed, the gutters can be installed.

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The first nail should be driven into one of the ends of the gutter-run. A mason's line can then be used obtain the proper slope by dropping the line about .25 inches per 25 feet of fascia. This should be marked off, and a chalk line should be run down the length of the fascia so it can be determined where the gutter will be installed.

Next, the gutters should be cut to their proper length using tin snips. Any sharp edges should be filed down for safety and gutter-sealant should be added to sections that will be outfitted with an end gap to prevent leaking.

Starting at the end of the gutter-run, the hidden fasteners that attach the end-cap gutter should be installed. Once the fasteners have been added every 24 inches along the gutter-run, the gutter can be hung on the fascia. At the places that have been marked off, the downspout outlet should be installed using a power drill.

Finally, the downspouts should be installed. Two brackets can be used to ensure that the downspouts are securely installed. One of the brackets should be placed at the top while the other should be placed near the bottom. If the gutters do not leak when it rains, you are good to go.

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