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Regular care is important to maintain the value and beauty of your home. By inspecting your roof on a regular basis, you are ensuring its structural safety and security. Scheduling an annual East Meadow roofing inspection is the best preventative measure to protect your investment. In between professional inspections, you may be able to perform minimal maintenance on your own. Learn how to inspect the inside and outside of your building to discover all the possible issues that may need immediate attention.

Inspect your roof from the attic area first because this is the easiest and safest access point. If you notice stains, trails or water damage, you may have a problem with your roof or its gutter system. You may be missing a few shingles, metal components may not be secure or your gutters' downspouts may be clogged. Check over all the supports, rafters and beams that you have access to. You will want to look for wet areas, signs of rotting wood, and sagging or broken boards. It is advisable to use a mask when checking for mold and mildew. If fungi is a problem, you will need mold removal specialists to handle this situation quickly before it spreads.

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Mold and mildew spores travel through the air and can cause a variety of health issues for you and your family.

Your exterior roof will need immediate attention if you have discovered any of the following problems during your inspection. Broken shingles, missing gutter pieces and broken chimney bricks are all access points where water will filter into your home. It is very common for these problems to go undetected for months before difficulties are discovered. Early detection allows you to take steps to stop the damage as well as make minor repairs quickly. Sometimes, a problem may stem from something as simple as a clogged gutter. Cleaning gutters regularly prevents water from backing up onto your roof or flowing down the side of your home.

When inspecting your roof from the top of the building, use the safest equipment available to prevent personal injury to yourself and others. Regularly inspecting your home from the attic and the roof will allow you to retain the value of your purchase while enjoying the luxuries of ownership. By handling these minor chores yourself, you will save money, reduce repair costs and plan for your future roof replacement needs with confidence. You are the first line of defense for your home. Knowing what to watch for allows you to understand when the professionals need to be called in to handle the hard work.

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