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No matter how hard you try to keep your gutters clear, they will eventually fill with leaves, dirt and debris. There are ways to minimize the amount of dirt they attract, such as gutter guards and leaf barriers. Talk to professional East Meadow roofing experts about available options. While no single attachment will entirely stop dirt and debris from entering, these will help to reduce the number of times the gutters need to be cleaned.

Gutters deliver rain water from the roof and transport it safely to the ground via downspouts. If they become backed up, the trapped water will either overflow, work its way into the attic or between the siding of the house. Water in the attic can cause extensive damage to the wood structural supports of the roof as well as the ceilings, walls and floors of your home. Homeowners need to keep their gutters clear so they can function as they were designed to.

If your home is located in a heavily treed area or in close proximity to construction sites, which generate a lot of dust and dirt, you should consider installing leaf barriers. These aluminum hoods draw water into narrow slots through a curved opening that stops most debris from entering. They must be installed by professional roofers, but they offer a superior barrier, stopping leaves from collecting in the gutters.

Made of very fine-mesh stainless steel, the gutter glove is supported by a stiff aluminum grille.

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The mesh stops the entry of all debris from the gutters, however it will require occasional sweeping to prevent splash-over. The grille is anodized so it can be mounted on copper.

A leaf defier is less expensive than the gutter glove and the leaf barrier and can be installed by a handy homeowner. They affix on gutters that have a lip or hanger. They require occasional cleaning, which is as easy as removing them and giving them a quick shake.

The least expensive gutter protector is a plastic grate known as the raindrop gutter guard. It is an effective barrier for most leaves, but they are susceptible to allowing pine needles and plenty of dirt in. They will require regular cleaning to remove dirt and any collecting pine needles.

A good way to protect the gutters is to ask your experienced and trusted roofer about installing your gutters with large downspouts, at least 4" round or rectangular. The system can handle more water runoff without any overflow with the bigger downspouts.

Even if you have protected your gutters with an effective debris stopper, you will still need to regularly check the brackets and hangers that support them. Loose screws will need to tightened. If you notice any missing screws, consider relocating them to a stronger area with rust and rot resistant stainless steel screws.

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