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Reducing energy costs is a huge issue for New York residents and business owners, and installing a cool roof may be the best way to get started. Although cool roofing techniques have been around for quite some time, these proven ideas are growing in popularity as people become increasingly aware of the need to reduce the amount of energy they use in their homes and offices.

The idea behind cool East Meadow roofing is pretty simple. By using reflective materials in roof construction, roofers are able to lower the amount of sunlight that buildings absorb. In addition to potentially helping homeowners save huge amounts of money on running their HVAC units, these roofs can reduce the amount of thermal expansion stresses that roofs undergo and thus extend their useful lifetimes.

A classic example of using special materials to cool buildings can be found in the adobe homes of the southwestern United States and Mexico. These iconic white buildings rely on color to reflect more light than they could without their external coats of bright paint, and similar construction techniques are employed in hot regions near the Mediterranean.

Cool roofs are also found on homes that use earth-sheltered or packed-earth construction. These homes are partially buried, and they employ a special type of cool roof known as a green roof. Plants, soil and rocks on top of such structures absorb and reflect solar energy before it can reach the building materials inside.

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Green roofs are increasingly popular on flat offices and residential buildings, and they also help insulate homes in the winter.

Roofs that reflect or absorb light can make major changes in your home or office because they keep the radiant heat energy from reaching materials like stone or concrete. Building layers that incorporate these substances absorb heat as well, but they can also make homes hotter by re-radiating the energy during the day and into the evening hours.

Cool roofs can be constructed effectively through the use of specialty coatings like UV-reflective pigments, but some are also comprised of more routine substances, such as modified bitumen membranes and polyurethane foams. Different kinds of asphalt or wood shingles and metallic or fiberglass substrates are often employed in various combinations in order to increase their heat-reflection capabilities.

Installing a cool roof isn't just good for your home or office; it might benefit your entire neighborhood. The U.S. Department of Energy believes that cooler roofs may be able to lower power plant emissions and even reduce the incidence of outages because homeowners won't need as much cooling energy during peak hours. Although such effects probably won't be noticeable until numerous building owners make the switch, there's nothing wrong with being the first one on your block to do so.

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