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The upkeep and maintenance on your building's roof can be overwhelming and time-consuming. As most homeowners and property owners know, the roof requires regular inspections and care to keep your investment safe and secure for many years to come.

Metal roofs protect a variety of properties throughout the region from buildings with significant historical importance to courthouses and residences. There are several different metals designed for use on these types of roofs. The specialists at East Meadow Roofing understand the importance of choosing the correct style to meet your architectural requirements.

Today's new production and manufacturing methods offer homeowners the perfect color, slope and angles available to fit your roof. Here are a few of the different styles and metals available and the pros and cons of each.

The metal roof that most people are familiar with is tin roofs. They have been an affordable, reliable option for homeowners and business owners for years. These materials are coated to help reduce rust and corrosion throughout the life of your roof. This style is good for 40 to 50 years before it needs replacing. The downside is a poor manufacturer may use low-grade material and metals making a thinner, less resilient product. Tin roofs also have a reputation for being noisy during stormy weather.

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Galvanized steel is a common material found in many metal roofing projects throughout the country. The mixture of steel alloys and zinc, known as terne, make this material more cost effective and durable. It withstands expanding and contracting well during the cold seasons but is prone to the same noisy issues that tin roofs endure. They have a rust resistant coating that helps these roofs withstand about 60 years of wear and tear. When ordering these roofing materials, it is important to order the correct amount the first time because most orders are custom dyed for each project.

Aluminum roofing materials allow heat to reflect and reduce the cost of keeping your property or residence cooler in the warmer months. They require minor upkeep when compared to other roofs and are easy to install. These roofs will need to be replaced in 30 to 35 years. As with most metal roofs, they also have to contend with a noisy reputation. They are susceptible to corrosion due to salty air and high concentrations of pollutants.

When deciding on the roofing materials that best fit your situation, consider the overall advantages and disadvantages of a new metal roof. They are more expensive than a customary shingle roof, but with our quality workmanship, they will last much longer. These roofs repel rain, snow and debris easier. Installation is quicker, and the materials are generally much lighter than old style roofing materials.

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