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Any exterior portion of a building is designed to withstand the effects of a certain amount of weather conditions. Certainly, some are more resistant than others, but regardless of the material, severe weather will take it's toll. There are several ways to help keep ice and snow from making a more significant impact on your roof and gutter system. First and foremost, it's important to remember that ice can become heavy. Consult a Hicksville roofing company with any roof issues that you find questionable. Even large amounts of snow can become quite heavy as well. Buildings with a flat roof have a tendency to collect more ice and slow given the lack of pitch. Getting a tool called a roof rake can safely remove a great deal of this build-up to prevent overloading your roof with the weight of the ice and snow.

Ice damming is another problem that can occur on your roof. This is when ice and snow at the top of the roof melts and flows down to a lower portion of the roof. The water will collect and refreeze creating a damming effect on other melting ice and snow. This will cause the water to get into cracks in the roofing and go into the interiors of the building. It's best to keep your attic well insulated and provide adequate ventilation as well. Remember that bacteria and mold can form in poorly ventilated areas.

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While a separately installed system, the gutters are very important within the roofing of the building. If your home or other building has a gutter system, it will have it's own set of challenges against winter weather. For instance, consider that the gutter system is essentially a large water slide. The metal tubing of the gutters is cupped and in extremely cold weather, water will freeze quickly. We established that ice can get very heavy, and there is no exception when it's frozen in your gutters. This can cause the gutter system to rip away from the roof, and can be expensive to repair. Keeping the gutters clear, so the water can quickly and freely flow can help a great deal. Keep an eye on your downspouts and keep them open and clear of debris and refrozen water. This is especially important when protecting your gutter system from ice and snow.

These are some important ways to protect your roofing and gutter components from winter weather. It goes without saying that there's no way to completely protect your home or building from mother nature. When faced with questions about prevention or assessment of damages and how best to repair them, make certain you contact a roofing professional. They can offer expert advice and take care of just about any roofing problem quickly and professionally.

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